Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Falling down

Rolling over

Crawling up

I can only sigh into the sky

Gazing at the distant moon

Shivering in loss and pain

Fumbling in the darkness

My broken heart is grieving

For a little love

Lying naked on the grass

Bleeding all over my body

Stained in sin and shame

Struggling to clasp my hands

I let out a silent prayer

A prayer for your healing

To set right a misplaced past

To wipe away the tears

To put back the smile on your face

And to kiss you with love again




Image by Pavel Jurča from Pixabay

A rainy evening

A steaming cup of hot coffee

And you across the table

Silent conversations

Looking into your eyes

Losing myself in the moment

Exhilarating, intoxicating

My elevated soul

Dancing on the moon

We both become statues

Frozen in space and time

Oblivious to life all around

Dissolving into one another…




I am a LOOB — Lover Of Other Beings. I am also an aspiring poet. Poetry and Love for the other beings are deeply etched into my soul.