Why are you seducing me with your smile
Why do you follow wherever I go
Dressed in red, like a mistress in the aisle
Like a morning rose bloomed not long ago.

So intense is the longing in your eyes
Drugging me to lust, so deep the desire
Your kajaled eyes…

Chickenpox Days

do you remember
my chickenpox days
lying down naked on neem leaves
counting the days and nights
surprised I never felt lonely
confined in the room for a month
the days I saw a new you
when I felt God with me
loving hands healing my wounds
motherly love touching my heart
feeding me with love and care
and the best food you ever cooked
nourishing my body and soul
you moved the mountains
and brought me the diamonds
you stayed awake, watching me
and I slept like a baby
seeing you next to me
a jealous moon in the night sky
hiding under the clouds

when pain burns in your eyes
dreams cannot bloom in my heart
I still wonder, what good I did
for this wonderful gift of love!

if tomorrow never comes
if the sun is no more in the sky
when the light fades into darkness
when the music stops,
dancing feet coming to a standstill
when my heart’s rhythm pauses
when my soul lets out the last cry
dried lips thirsting for a little water
broken bones crumbling under my skin
shedding unfulfilled dreams to the sand
when I lie there naked and bleeding
counting the sins of my life
paying back all the tears in full
when your wounds keep mocking me
when I am so helpless like a broken glass
will you still touch me with your tenderness
will you still love me as you always did
will you kiss me goodbye before I am gone
will you smile for me one more time?
will you still love me, Babe?

hanging on a thread of faith
this Christmas
I am tearing myself down
Lord I am weary and broken
please help me rebuild this temple
no more tears to wash my sins
touch me with your bleeding hands
hiding under the rubbles of the past
dreams drifting away from my heart
come and rain on this dry land Lord
I want you now more than ever
crawling on the floor losing my soul
scrambling to pick up the pieces
a stained and shattered life beyond repair
I miss your gentle whisper, talk to me now
I am on my knees begging for mercy
naked and shivering in shame
this Christmas
I am tearing myself down

Lord, please have mercy!

when I pray
I feel the pain
thorns pricking my brain
cold stony heart
from the scars of the past
slowly bleeding
to unload the scum
tears start trickling
growing so fast
into a wild waterfall
flooding my soul
drenching my spirit
on my knees
with clasped hands
I bury my face
in your lap
complete surrender
I feel your tears
falling one by one
on my naked back
burning my skin
burning my soul
I feel your love
feel your touch
You lift my face
laser-sharp eyes
piercing my soul
You lift me up
wipe my tears
lost in embrace
I feel your scars
smell your blood
hear your heart
beating to mercy
I feel your pain

I am lost in you
when I pray.


I am a LOOB — Lover Of Other Beings. I am also an aspiring poet. Poetry and Love for the other beings are deeply etched into my soul.

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