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I am a LOOB - Lover Of Other Beings. I am also an aspiring poet. I started writing poems in Malayalam when I was a child. Being born in a poor family in a remote village in Kerala, nobody trusted in my poems. They thought I copied poems from others. I yearned to write more and more. In my university days, I started experimenting with English poetry, mainly in the form of Haiku, the Japanese poetry style. I used to carry a notebook full of small poems. Everything inspired me. I lost the book when I migrated to Singapore. Deep inside I was also a nature lover. Being grown-up in the dirt with trees and all kinds of beings like hens, ducks, dogs, cows, goats, and cats, I developed a deep sense of connection to these Other Beings. My heart ached whenever I see them get hurt. I prayed silently to give me strength to protect them. Poetry and Love for the other beings are deeply etched into my soul. And I have been longing to do something for these beings for a long time. An article in Straits Times prompted me to start without much delay. It appeared on the 30th of May 2021. It was actually two different news pieces juxtaposed on the same page. One talked about the struggles of ACRES as they continued to meet the growing demand of helping rescued animals. In contrast, there was the other article next to it about an endangered stingray being caught and killed. I felt the pain. And I decided I cannot sleep over it anymore. This blog is to be the voices of the other beings as "Voices of the Lost". Any visitor can read and feel the pain. The term LOOB is coined by me. And I welcome you to become a LOOB. I have more ideas in my brain. An UNCAGE Movement will be established soon. This is to empower the LOOBs all over the world to save the oppressed and abused Other Beings. The poems in this blog are written from the perspective of the Other Beings. Whether they are alive or dead, the words are spoken by them as if they are still here. You are welcome to propose similar stories if you want me to put them into a poem. You will be given the credit for bringing it up. You can find the articles which prompted me to start this blog at the below links.


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