Spitting Fire

2 min readSep 24, 2021
Photo by Malicki M Beser on Unsplash

This world is just another fucked up place.
let us not pretend everything is alright
abandoned long ago by the forgone gods
we made this land into a piece of shit
stinking and prostituted to the core
she is raw and bleeding from the wounds.

Overfed ducks, bruised guinea pigs
de-furred minks, skinned crocodiles
bile drained bears, detusked elephants
space tours, corona labs
nuclear missiles, submarine deals
political pimps, conspiracy theories
artificial intelligence, losing emotions
an ever-growing lust and hunger!
all to feed our selfish, bloated bellies.

Ignoring the silent cries and tears
we justified everything taking authority
we grow into the biggest parasite, sucking blood
and she lies there just like a cow milked to death.

She is trying to fight back
hurricanes, wild storms
torrential rains, forest fires
earthquakes, volcanoes
she is fuming with anger, spitting fire.




I am a LOOB — Lover Of Other Beings. I am also an aspiring poet. Poetry and Love for the other beings are deeply etched into my soul.