When the sun goes down




Photo by Brian Lawson on Unsplash

When the sun goes down

She comes alive, a lioness from her den

Ready for the night and its wild games

Yet another trip to the world of seduction.

Burying yesterday’s wounds

Her perfumed hands searching for a cigar

Just to hide her innocence behind the smoke

Just to pretend that she is perfectly alright.

As she stands in the dark alley

Red high heels fuming impatience

Cars stop by winding windows down

She is the queen of the night.

With her heart pounding fast

She strikes a sultry pose

Raised bosoms and buttocks

All cleavage and waxed legs.

A deal is made and she is sold

She is not on her own anymore

She belongs to him or to them

Until the sun shines again; a long night.

Her body straddled on the bed

She lies naked in shame cursing her birth

As they pour down on her guilt

She remembers the bellies she needs to feed.

She wipes away the tears and forgets the pain

Laughter filling the room, she is game again

Embracing their sweaty bodies, she moans high.

Lifting their wretched souls to Nirvana,

She becomes the temple, the holy place

And the Goddess who rules the night!


Thank you for reading!

Life begins when the sun goes down!

The real journey begins after death!

Little Monster, this may inspire you to write more and more! Keep glowing.




I am a LOOB — Lover Of Other Beings. I am also an aspiring poet. Poetry and Love for the other beings are deeply etched into my soul.